Bottle lake – episode 2

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Just got back from a great walk with another adventurous and out going lady. This was our first meeting after she contacted me from my ad on Locanto. I was really surprised as she actually called me which no one ever does. Most contact is either via TXT message or leaving a message on the locanto site. So we decided to meet outside the information centre in the early afternoon. The weather was sunny with a little wind and there was a reasonable amount of other people enjoying the outdoors. So we had to walk somewhere where there was less chance of being spotted.

She greeted with me a friendly smile and a hug, great start to our first walk! We spoke briefly and then headed off. I have a particular area that I have walked before that is relatively private and I have been there a number of times and not seen many people walking. It is also great as it is sheltered a little from the easterly. Along the way we spoke about what we did and it was great to hear that we have similar interests and even similar situations.

I explained to her where we were going and where it was safe for me to de robe!

We were eventually in a area that was private enough and I stopped, and told her that I was going to strip off. She offered to hold my clothes while we walked along which is nice. Once I was naked we started to walk further along. Once i was more comfortable and I wanted to get erect I asked her if I could masturbate to get aroused. She smiled and said “Of course!” And I slow masturbated for a while until I was nice and hard and we walked further along.

We stopped a couple of times and I masturbated for her. She asked if there was anything more she could do, I said her just watching was great but what ever she was comfortable with. She offered to remove her top and walk with me topless. This really was turning out to be a 5 star walk!! She said she love to be naked out doors as well and found it liberating. Which I agreed. Cause I love it and find always great to be outdoors, naked and erect!

We stopped a number of times along the way and I masturbated for quite a while in front of her. Probably more than any other walk. She stood beside me and had her hand on my butt check and watched. We talked and walked. After about 1 hour we started to head back.

Along the walk back I asked if she could could put her top back on and I would masturbate for a while while she was clothed. This is what I really liked and she was really accommodating and covered up. We eventually got back to where I had to get dressed and wondered back to the car park.

All in all this was a very very enjoyable walk. And that she decided to go topless while walking was also fantastic. I had a great time and really enjoyed her company.

And we will be going again hopefully the sooner better.

Keep you posted!