Indoor Walk??

Nude walk around the office

Since it being winter, and the weather hasn’t exactly been cooperating, I called a lady I had meet while getting a sensual massage. I am generally not interested in massages but just felt like I should treat myself this once. I spoke to her about how I love to be naked and erect outdoors and going for walks. She was interested in joining me.

Since the weather has been very cold, don’t want shrinkage you understand and I hadn’t been for a walk for a while, we arranged to meet at my work place at night time. Our office closes from 6pm and is in a private area. What we had planned was for me to strip off and walk around the office. It is rather large so we can walk to various areas.

We meet outside and went in. Our office is on the 1st floor so you can’t look in through the windows. So it is very private.

We started in the kitchen lounge area, we have a large sofa and chairs for staff to sit on during their breaks. And I stripped off and sat beside her. I was nice and hard already and started to masturbate for her. At first she didn’t really watch but we chatted and got to know more about each other. I asked if she would like to go for a guided tour of the office. I also asked if she could lead me around by my cock as we went around. She gladly agreed and even found it a little kinky that we were doing it in the office!

I showed her around, stopping at several places to masturbate. One particular area, where there is a couple of chairs, I got her to sit in the chair and I Knelled in front of her and played with myself. She also wanted to feel my balls and cock whilst in this position. I really enjoyed the knelling bit, I haven’t done this position that often but quite enjoyed it and hope to do it more.

We then moved around and we went into one of the meeting rooms. It’s not really a meeting room as such, but it has a couple of beanie chairs and some other seating. We sat on the beanies and she pulled and squeezed my balls. I asked if I could get on all fours for her and get her to pull my cock back and wank it in that position. She gladly obliged. I really like this position as well, as it leaves nothing to the imagination. And I get nice and hard easily when doing this.

Our time went quickly and before we knew it our time was coming to an end. It was a another walk with a difference, but when the weather is so cold and the urge to walk is there, sometimes we have to make do with what we have. We got back to the kitchen area and I got dressed. We chatted some more and made our way out of the building.

We had talked about going for an outdoor walk soon as son as the weather lets us. So I look forward to that!

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