Milking good walk

River walk

I had contacted a lady I had gone for a couple of walks earlier, see river walk in the evening and asked if she would join me today. She got back quickly and said yes! So we arranged a time and place and meet there. It was quiet when we got there, at the waimak and the river was running a little high. But it was still a nice day and off we went. I had been waxed a couple of nights prior so was looking forward to showing off.

I stripped off relatively early and she commented on the smoothness of my skin and body. And she quickly stroked my cock and balls. I was already semi hard and it was more of a turn on to have her watch me. We walked along and I asked her if it was ok that I would like to bend over in front of her, so she can see my cock, balls and nicely waxed arse from behind. She said she was fine with that idea.

We continued to walk along the gravel road. And then I know of a small side track that I have walked down before. As we came up to the track, I asked if we could go down there and I would masturbate for a while and then bend over. We headed off the gravel road and within a 20 metres of being on the track, I stopped to masturbate for her. I was nice and hard quickly and I could see she was watching enthusiastically. I then turned around and bent over. I pulled my cock back towards her and masturbated more. We did this for a couple of minutes and we continued our walk.

Since I was now nice and hard I asked her if she could hold my cock and lead me along the track. She obliged and we continued on our walk. She softly wanked my cock as we walked keeping me nice and hard.

One thing I really love to do is get on all fours and have someone stroke me from behind. I think the sexual term is milking. Sort of action like milking a cows udder. And since I was nicely waxed I was excited about doing this for her. And I know she would be keen to see this.

I found a nice grassy area that was in the sun, and I asked if I could get on all fours for her. She had no problem with it. So I got on all fours and I found it a real turn on to see her sit directly behind me. She stroked and caressed my arse cheeks. I spread my arse so she could see everything, I wanted to leave nothing to the imagination. She fondled and squeezed my cock and balls and pulled them towards her. All the while I spread my arse checks know she would be seeing everything. She started to milk my cock pulling it down firmly and then squeezing it. I really enjoyed this and we did this for quite a while.

I could have stayed like this for hours. It felt really nice and knowing she was able to see everything was a turn on. I thought I would turn over and just lie back and masturbate for her. It was great to sit in the sun and masturbate while she watched. She was impressed with the length of time I could remain nice and hard. It was easy as I was really enjoying the whole experience. She fondled and squeezed my balls while I slowly stroked my cock. We both decided to start to head back again. The sun was setting and it was starting to get cooler.

While walking back she held my cock and we spoke about blow jobs. I wanted to get on all fours for her again and I bent over and she again started to squeeze my balls and stroke my cock downwards in a milking action. I spread my arse cheeks again for her and let her continue to masturbate me. I actually really enjoyed the whole experience.

Our walk was coming to an end. But I didn’t want to get dressed, and I was nice and hard for her too. We actually walked further along at the end than I normally would. I eventually had to get dressed, but I really had a great time. And we spoke of our next walk, which is great to have someone who is as keen as I am about doing this on a regular basis.

So a great walk with a lot of fun and I am looking forward to our next milking session. Why don’t you join me!