New walking track

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Today was really nice and thought it would be a great chance to get out and go for a walk. Summer is on its way and I want to get our more often now. But I was feeling more adventurous than previous so thought I would take with me some toys.

I had to walk a short distance to a area that I knew was safe to strip off. It was in a forestry area, that had a number of gravel roads through the forest and from those gravel roads there were small tracks to walk along. I headed into the forest area first and then from there on a track that was in the sun shine. It was still a little cold in the shade.

I stripped off and started to walk towards the river. And along the way I stopped and masturbate to get hard. It is nicer to walk knowing my cock is hard and bouncing along. I found a nice area where I could lie down. And in the nice sun.

It is here, that I took out my toys. I had a cock leash and a dildo and love to wear the cock leash when someone is holding the other end. Maybe your interested in holding the other end for me?

I also took my time and walked around while wearing it. I just didn’t have anyone to hold the other end which would have been really nice.

I also like to insert a toy, or a object in to my arse. I find receiving anal a real pleasure and have often inserted objects or dildo’s get my fix. But since it was such a nice day it took out the dildo, which isn’t super big but nice and malleable and easy to use on your own.

Well I hope you liked this adventure and hope to have more. The weather is getting better and looking forward to going for more walks. And hopefully I will find someone to join me on my walks. Stay tuned!