Pines Beach – December

It was another fantastic day to go for a walk. I had arranged to meet someone that I had done a couple of walks previously with and really enjoyed her company. We had done a walk in Bottle lake and the forestry area south of Spencerville a couple of times prior to this one. I had walked in Pines beach before by myself but over different tracks.

We started to walk along a well established walkway close to where we had parked our cars. This probably should have been a warning as I didn’t really think that there would be many people using this walk. Anyways we were about 10 minutes into the walk and I felt it was safe enough to strip off. We continued along our way. The walkway is very nice and I recommend it for sure if you are wanting a good flat walk way. You won’t encounter any nude men, as I have learnt my lesson and won’t be walking that path again in a hurry. We stop occasionally so I could masturbate, I hate the word wank, it just sounds hard, excuse the pun and sleazy. When masturbating is more about what the person is doing. Anyways I digress, We continued on our way, but we spotted someone a head and I quickly put my shorts on again. I don’t think this person saw us. Once we got past them for a short distance further I stripped off again. We managed to walk for a reasonable distance again, but then the cyclist came flying around a corner. I really had no time to get my shorts on and before we knew it he was on us and past us.

This was a little embarrassing for me and my walking partner. Since you don’t really hear them coming and they are fast so you don’t have time to get dressed or move out of sight. After he past us by we continued on our way. Again I stripped off and continued. We had walked a far distance and decided to turn around and head back. Again we saw a walker coming the other way, but I had more time to slip my shorts on. But once again the cyclist came flying by. Again no time to get dressed and he zoomed by. And he wasn’t impressed with nudity. Sorry about that.

We decided to carry on back to where we had parked. The walk was good but I will know for next time that not to walk along that path. But I it was a very nice path and I do recommend it. We probably walked for close to an hour. All in all it was a pretty good walk. Apart from the interruptions it was a decent walk. I only wished I had moved towards the beach so we had more privacy. Next time!

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