River walk in the evening

Nude River bed walk

With such a nice evening and it being really warm late in the day, I contacted a young lady that I had recently gone for a walk along the same river bed. We had gotten on really well and she was definitely keen to join me again. So I contacted her and she agreed to meet. I picked her up and off we went.

It was a Friday night and the weather was glorious. Perfect for a naked walk. We made out way to the same spot as last time. I like to go to this place as I have walked it a number of times and only had seen others very few times. We walked along the track and I was soon walking nude while she carried my shorts and t-shirt.

We turned down a side track and I asked if we could stop while I masturbated in front of her. I asked if she would like to sit down as I like the view they get when looking up slightly. They get to see my balls more and can watch me from there. She also liked this view. I must have masturbated for quite some time before we got up and started walking again.

She asked me if there was anything more I would like her to do. And there is one thing I do like, and have only started to like this. I asked her if she could hold my cock while we walked. So basically leading me by my erect cock. She obliged and held my stiff cock in her hand and we walked along. She asked me if she was holding it tight enough. I asked her to squeeze a little more and hold closer to the head. Doing this also made it easier to keep stiff while walking.

We chatted and walked slowly along. We spoke about so many things and we really were getting along. We stopped a couple of times and I masturbated for her. At one stage I even bent over in front of her and she pulled my cock and balls down and back. I haven’t done that for anyone in a very long time. But we were so comfortable together that is felt good.

We started to make our way back towards the car. Once we got onto the gravel road, I was still nude and quite erect as she was holding me. I asked if I could sit down and masturbate for her. We did and I masturbated for a while. I wanted to show her everything, so I even spread my cock eye apart so she could see inside the head of my now fully erect cock. I found this very much a turn on. Then we heard the unmistakable sound of some cars coming along the road and I quickly got up and literally dived into the bushes. And luckily they didn’t come past us and turned off down the same track we had just walked down.

So I think they didn’t see me, and maybe didn’t see my friend. But it was a relatively close call. I think it was because it was a Friday, and the weather was so nice that others had the same idea as us. Well maybe not the same idea, but they wanted to go to the river and hang out.

So I decided to get dressed and make our way back to the car. It was a great night and I really enjoyed it again. The holding of my cock while walking was fun and added another level to the walk. I look forward to having another walk with her again.