Summer Joined me


Well summer is slowly drawing to an end and I had been pretty quiet as far as getting out and about in the great outdoors. But I finally thought of contacting a escort and seeing if she would be interested in joining me for a walk around our backyard or even venturing further afield. But since this was the first time she was meeting me, we decided to meet at my place.

She was on time and it was a really nice day. She came in and we chatted for about 5 minutes and then I stripped off and started to slowly masturbate in front of her. She was very excited about the meeting as she was very intrigued by it all. I knelt in front of her and continued to masturbate and get nice and hard for her. She reached out and felt my balls and stroked my hard cock.

I mentioned to her that I liked to be lead around by my cock or wearing a cock leash. She was very keen on the leash idea. So we put it on and we made our way outside. My back yard is relatively private, but you still have to be aware of the neighbours. We walked along to the back, with her holding the leash. I was nice and hard and she was definitely enjoying the experience. There is a seat at the back of the garden where we could site and continue.

I asked if she wouldn’t mind if I got on all fours for her. I love to be on all fours with everything exposed so she can see everything. And with her holding the leash she was able to pull my cock and balls backwards. Here she was stroking and playing with my cock and balls. She asked if I could stand up and bend over. I gladly accommodated her request. I love it when the girl also asks me to do something that she wants to see.

She felt between my arse cheeks and her fingers caressed my arse hole. She certainly was enjoying the view. She even leant forward and kissed my cheeks. I was hoping she was going to kiss more than that. She was very interested in stroking my cock while holding the leash. At this stage I was nice and erect.

I suggested we walk a bit more, and she was up and pulling me by the leash in no time. No encouragement need there. So we walked back to the back of house and inside. Again I resumed the all fours position and she was just loving the view. She was feeling my cock and balls all the time.

With escorts they are very time conscious and she was no different. And I had requested for a 45 minute booking, which is about the same as I would go for a walk. She said if I wanted to cum for her, as the time was running out. I said no, I was really enjoying this feeling and wanted to enjoy it more, even after she left. She was a little surprised by that, but she was ok with it.

It was a shame she had to go really. I know she really enjoyed the whole experience, and on leaving she gave me a big kiss and hug and said to call her again for the next booking. I think I will.