Walk with a difference

I meet someone on line who was interested in joining me. And like most was a little apprehensive about going for a nude walk out in the forest or river bed area. Which I totally get. So after much text message exchanges and getting to know each other, we decided to meet at my place of work. It would be here that she would feel comfortable in a safe environment. We decided to meet on a weekend when no one would be in the office.

So we arranged to meet on a Saturday afternoon. No one in the office and also it is in a gated area so very little people in the whole business park. Which made it private enough and discreet for each of us. It was good to finally meet rather than endless text messages. We went into the main office area which has a nice kitchen and lounge area with nice chairs to sit.

We sat down and chatted for a couple of minutes. And I asked her if it was ok for me to strip off and masturbate. She was ok with this. We chatted more. It was very nice. Clearly she was a little nervous when she first came in, but now you could see she was more relaxed.

After ten or so minutes, I asked her to walk with me around the office. I could show her and walk naked beside her. She asked me if I wanted her to do anything while walking around, and I asked her if she could lead me around by my cock. So she would hold my cock while we walked. We walked around from on area to another. Half way around we have a couple of chairs in the reception area, and I asked her to sit there and I would masturbate in front of her. She did and watched while I masturbated.

After about five minutes we carried on with the tour around the office, again she was leading me around with my cock in her hand. It was actually good fun. We stopped in one of the small offices and again I masturbated in front of her. She did play with my balls at this time. More time passed and we made our way back to the couch area. I sat next to her and we chatted more. I was nice and erect and she was enjoying the view.

The time actually went really quickly. We had agreed to meet for only 45 minutes, which I think is a good idea. As then there is a limit which we both can stop and agree to move on. As we may not get on, or one might think this isn’t for them. And this just gives each of us a clear time when to stop. We both agreed that we should stop. I got dressed and we got up and made our way out of the office. I gave her a lift to a local shopping mall. She was nice and friendly. We both agreed to meet again. So I am hoping we do.

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