Walking with an escort

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Since the covid pandemic it has been hard to meet people through my ads on locanto as understandable there is not much happening. And people are in lockdown so we can’t meet. I decided to take the ads offline. Well until the restrictions had been lifted and we could once again venture outside and socialise.

So when the we had moved to a safe level, I was looking forward to going out for a walk. So I thought I would contact a escort!! I hadn’t previously, thinking it would be to expensive and for them it is a job and probaly charge per hour. Which I was happy with that but it would just be to expensive for me. Plus we were in spring and the weather was getting better every day.

So I made contact with one lady and she agreed to meet and also we agreed to a price that we were both happy with. And it wasn’t expensive at all. So we arranged a time and place.

On the day I had arranged to pick her up and go from there. Once we got to our destination of choice, we started our walk. We had to walk about 5 minutes to get to a place that I knew was private enough. Once there I stripped off. I had barely taken a couple of steps when I saw someone in the distance and had to quickly put my shorts back on. We walked on and the person I saw had turned off and disappeared in to the forest.

We walked further and when I was certain that we were safe I again removed my shorts and we carried on walking. I wasn’t hard but I did have a semi and was playing with myself while we walked along. I asked if we could stop and I would masturbate in front of her. She watched and she placed her hand on my butt and watched me. She asked me if she could stroke me. I said no problems. But I said lets walk a little further while I was erect.

We walked for another 5 minutes and I remained nice and hard for her. It was nice to see her watching my cock bounce along with each step. We stopped again and this time I started to wank and she started to play with my balls. She wanted to stroke me, which was cool with me. But she was clearly in a hurry, and she wanted to jerk me off until I came. Which is not what I wanted. So I had to stop her and continued myself. She asked if I wanted to cum at all, and I don’t I prefer to me aroused and erect for long periods of time.

She had said that she had told her flatmate that she was only going to be out for 30 minutes to an hour, which seems strange as it was going to take about 30 minutes just to drive somewhere to go for a walk. Anyways, I said no worries we can head back to the car. And she was definitely in a hurry to get back. Maybe she felt that she had to get back as she had told her friend how long she was going away for, or she was not enjoying our adventure or she was just sticking to her time frame for escorting.

We quickly, not my idea made our way back to the car. It made the whole walk not really enjoyable and I found it hard to make conversation or even try to keep the conversation going. She was either very nervous or just not very talkative. Maybe she just didn’t enjoy the whole experience.

So maybe my first experience with a escort wasn’t quite how I had imagined it. But it was an experience non the less.