Winter Woes


Winter has definitely settled in and getting out and about is getting harder. But sometimes we get lucky with a nice summery day, even though the temperature is still a little on the cool side, it is still relatively nice to be in the sun.

And that was what I was hoping for as I had arranged to meet with a new female interested in joining me for a walk. We had agreed to meet on the Sunday, which according to the weather forecast was going to be nice and sunny, clear with no wind. But 16c. She was going to meet me at the agreed spot and then go from there. I had been here a number of times so new it would be ok.

I arrived a couple of minutes early, just so she was able to find me quickly and have no worries about not showing up. She was as she said when talking to her over the phone and was a little nervous, as was I. Doesn’t matter how many times I do this, the first time is always a little nerve racking as you don’t really know who you are going to meet.

She was very friendly and became more relaxed as we walked. I got to a point along the track that I knew it would be safe enough to go nude. I stopped and asked if she was ok if I strip off. She agreed and I quickly got naked. I was semi hard which was good as I could see she was watching. She asked if she could hold onto my clothes, which really is only a t-shirt and shorts. But it makes me feel even more naked when I am not holding anything too.

We walked along for a while chatting and getting to know each other a little better. I found a nice spot on the path and asked if I could masturbate in front of her. She certainly had no problems with that idea. I quickly started and in no time I was erect and hard. She was definitely liking the few. Now that I was really hard, we started to walk some more. I love that my stiff cock was bouncing along while we walked. And she keep on looking over at me while we walked.

One of the things I like to do is ask if my partner would like to hold my stiff cock while I walk, kind of like being lead around. So I asked and she had no problem with that idea. In fact I think she couldn’t wait to get her hand around it. We continued to walk some more. Her hand firmly wrapped around my cock.

We found another spot and we stopped and masturbated for quite a while in front of her. I thought I would ask if she minded if I bent over in front of her so she could see everything from behind. Getting on all fours is one of my favourite positions. But this time I just bent over and masturbated in that position for a while. We decided to walk some more, again with her leading me around by my cock.

We slowly made out way back to the cars. Since it was getting a little later in the afternoon and the temperature was starting to drop, it was a good idea! We got to the cars, and I was still nude and quite erect. One of the other things I love doing is rubbing my cock over someones feet. I thought I would try my luck and ask if that is ok if I rub my cock over her feet. She was very open to the idea. She removed her shoes and I held her feet and rub my nice hard cock over her feet, top and bottom. She said how nice it felt and how horny it looked. I think we have found my new fetish!

We eventually stopped, I got dressed and we chatted a little more and we departed the scene. But it was a fantastic experience. I loved that I could bend over and show her everything. I loved it that she was open to me rubbing my cock over her feet. That was quite the turn on and visually looked great as well. I think we will be doing this again very soon. So will keep you updated for our next adventure.